Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tiger Sanctuary Blogger Mary Cummins Blogs Lies and Defamation about Carlos Siderman

Many have read about the Isis Preservation, aka Wild Ones, Inc., aka Irena Hauser and her sister Sophia Kryszek ("tiger ladies") who attempted to build a 13,500 square foot tiger cage on a property they bought in the Deer Creek neighborhood just north west of the Ventura County line.  There have been many stories, with many twists circulated, and amongst those most twisted, is a story about how Carlos Siderman, the property owner adjacent, bulldozed oak trees and protected creeks on his property, and then bulldozed a 15-foot wide, half mile long road so he could ride his horses. Must be pretty wide horses....?

The friend of Hauser and Kryszek, blogger Mary Cummins, is very adept at her SEO work and has connected her factually incorrect allegations of bulldozing havoc all over the world.  However, she just recently and a huge setback when she lost her appeal in Texas (4/2015) where she was ordered to pay more than $6,000,000 in damages for the defamation she did to Bat Sanctuary, Randy Turner and Amanda Lollar.  In her video below, she is being deposed and admits that 3 people have sued her for defamation.  And here she is again, telling lies about Carlos Siderman,who she has never met.,,,


Irena Hauser and Sophia Kryszek purchased a 19-acre parcel in the Deer Creek area with the intent to build a 13,500 square foot cage for their tigers.  They asked for permits for 5 tigers.  The neighborhood is zoned COS (Coastal Open Space), which means that someone can APPLY for a DISCRETIONARY permit.  The Planning department then looks at a bundle of circumstances and decides whether the requested discretionary permit would be a good match for the area or not.  In this case, they decided it would not be a good match, and the Board of Supervisors concurred.  To deny a conditional use permit is not a violation of rights, property or otherwise.  The tiger ladies purchased the property from Lloyd Wright without the sale being contingent on receipt of the CUP and being allowed to build their cage and bring their tigers.  Their bad.  Much conversation has also been reshaped about what the tiger ladies actually DO with their tigers.  Kryszek has an 'exhibition permit' from the USDA.  They are not a 'sanctuary'.  A sanctuary has very stringent guidelines, for instance the animals cannot be exploited for commercial use. Their USDA exhibition permit does not meet that guideline.  In addition, the tiger ladies had pictures of their tigers in commercials and rap videos before they took down their website.  - It seems the website was too contradictory to their new rescue persona. Their original application to the USDA states they will use the tigers commercially, written in Sophia Kryszek's handwriting. These are not poor mistreated tigers -  they have lived in their Santa Clarita home for almost their entire lives. They are not homeless just because they cannot live in Malibu.  Only Paris Hilton would think such a thought. 

The entire Deer Creek neighborhood came out against this facility being built.  The neighborhood has particularities that one can only understand by living in it.  The power goes down often. There is NO cell phone service. There is no cable-tv or internet service.  The only emergency exits are Deer Creek Road or Yerba Buena and someone drives off Deer Creek every year.  The systems the tigers ladies proposed to track the tigers and alert the neighborhood of an escape just wouldn't work - but they could not understand that because they don't live in Deer Creek. The tiger ladies live in Beverly Hills.  They would never live in Deer Creek full time.  At the hearing one of them stated she would never stay in the house by herself overnight. Not too reassuring for the neighborhood.

Carlos Siderman has lived in Deer Creek for more than 20 years.  He has a horse barn and arena directly adjacent on 20 acres.  He completed his ranch around 2010 after years of permitting and environmental testing thus it is fully permitted and compliant, no grandfathering.  It is a private barn. There are no boarders, no rental horses, no horses being sold. He and his wife are endurance riders and thus ride on trails.  They do not need 15-foot wide, half mile long bulldozed roads on which to ride their horses. It is not illegal to ride in state or national park.  Both Sidermans are on the Mounted Volunteer Patrol which means they patrol the Santa Monica Mountains on their horses.

Siderman does not want to own the tiger ladies property. Siderman was approached by the realtors of the former owner, Lloyd Wright.  His realtors Barbara Horton and Jennifer Crissman asked several times if Siderman was interested in buying the Wright property for nearly 2 million.  Siderman never replied to their requests and had zero interest.  Wright stated in a deposition that he thought Siderman wanted to buy his property because a rabbi had made an offer.... (shaking head)

There is no protected creek that runs between the properties.  There is a 'blue line stream' that is located in the north east canyon NOT ON SIDERMAN'S PROPERTY.  It is in an inaccessible ravine on the neighboring parcel. There is a protected oak forest that was deeded to the SMMC by a previous owner located in the far north east corner.  It has not be touched nor is it easily accessible.  In a deposition, Wright admitted that the only reason he thought there was a stream on the property is that he 'saw a stream map on the wall of the County many years ago and it seemed like the stream was on the property'.

The so-called  newly 'bulldozed' road has been in existence since before 1980 as evidenced on all aerials from the County.   In addition in 2006, former owner of the tiger ladies' property Lloyd Wright, sued Siderman (Wright v. Siderman) for a prescriptive easement. He wanted to continue to drive his tractor down the road he now calls protective creek to get to the rear of his property. Wright not only testified that he drove his tractor down this road, but that he cleared it yearly and filled in erosion spots. He also took a video of himself driving the tractor on this road/creek. Additionally, Wright testified that he lived at the end of the road in an RV for several years and had dragged his 20 foot storage container to the end of the road an onto National Park Land.  The road is a ROAD and per Fire Code, the brush must be cleared by June 1 every year.  However, anyone who lives in Malibu and waits to clear brush until June 1 is really asking for their property to be burned down.  Fire does not wait until June 1 - see the Spring Fire in April 2013. 

The road is considered a historically cleared area. It has been driven on for decades.  It collects water from the permitted arena and from the tiger ladies' property, including a 10" mapped pipe that run from another neighboring property and all empty into permitted V-ditches on Siderman's property.     

Regarding the alleged 'lies' Siderman spread.  There is not one credible person who can say that Siderman said anything about the way the tiger ladies treat their tigers.  Tiger abuse has never been the issue. On the CONTRARY, they treat their tigers like kittens - domestic, tame kittens.

No secret meetings or payments.  The Commissioners and the Supervisors made up their own minds.  Contrary to Mary Cummins' statement at the planning hearing,  Carlos Siderman did not employ Nora Aidukas' husband.  The Aidukas and the Sidermans have never met. Ever. Not even at a social event. Contrary to the tiger ladies and their attorney David Casselman, the Carlos Siderman did not make donations to anyone in exchange for votes. They are grasping at straws and desperate.  

The problem is that the tiger ladies and their friends are shocked that they were denied their CUP.  They talk about the neighborhood being emotional and fear mongering, forgetting that they are talking about TIGERS!  The tiger ladies do not 'get' that the tigers do not belong in a residential zone. Yes, Deer Creek is zoned COS - but zoned way back in 1980 when it looked considerably different and had a population about 1/20 of what it is now.  The entire neighborhood came out against the CUP and housing tigers in the neighborhood.  Irena Hauser and Sophia Kryszek are frustrated and have decided to make Siderman pay for their mistake of not figuring out whether the CUP would be granted BEFORE they purchased the property.   But they are poking the bear with Siderman.